This guide is to help you understand the key steps required for the Tax Group registration, amendment and de-registration processes.

Creating and using your e-Services account

-Sign up by creating a username/password

-Verify your email address within 24 hours

-Log in to your e-Services account

Registering a Tax Group

1. Registration of the Representative Member

-Click on the ‘Register for VAT’ and select the “Yes” button for the field “Are you also applying to create or join a Tax Group?”

-Complete the VAT registration form and submit it. You will receive a Tax Identification Number (TIN). As the representative member, you will now be able to apply to form a Tax Group on behalf of the other prospective members. 2. Tax Group registration by the Representative Member

-Click on Register for Tax Group.

-Complete the Tax Group registration form and select the “Yes” button for the field “Are you intending to apply as the Representative Member of the Tax Group?”.

-Your TRN/TIN and legal name will be auto-populated.

-Proceed to add members of the Tax Group in the next section of registration form.

-Verify your member by clicking ‘Verify’ button

-Proceed to complete all the other fields and submit your application

Amending an approved Tax Group

Only the representative member of a registered Tax Group can apply to amend the Tax Group. The following amendments can be done using the Tax Group amendment button:

-Addition of a new member to the Tax Group;

-Removal of an existing member from the Tax Group;

-Amendment of the Tax Group details;

-Amendment of Tax Group representative, click on ‘Change Representative’ button and then “submit change representative request to FTA”. Amendments submitted will be transferred to FTA for approval and you will get a message of the same.

De-registering a Tax Group

-On the dashboard, against your Tax Group registration, click ‘De-Register’.

-Enter the reason for de-registration and specify the date from which you require to de-register. Provide other relevant information to support your application for deregistration where applicable, and click on the Submit button.

-De-registration applications require the FTA’s approval – FTA will notify you of the result of your application.

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