This guide will help you complete your VAT registration, amendment, and de-registration processes.

Creating an e-Services account

o Sign up a username/ password

o Verify your email address within 24 hours

o Log in to your e-Services account

Registering for VAT

o Click Register for VAT

o Complete all mandatory (marked with *) fields

o Click Submit for Approval once to submit the form

Late Registration Penalty Payment

o Go to the Dashboard tab to view the “Late Registration Penalty” amount mentioned under the VAT box (where applicable).

o Click on ‘Pay’ button to proceed with payment.

Amending approved VAT registration form

o Click ‘Edit’ to amend certain editable fields

o You will be able to amend fields under Business activities of the applicant and GCC activities sections

o Once all necessary amendments are made, click ‘Submit Changes’ o Amendments take immediate effect

De-registration for VAT

o On the dashboard, against your VAT registration, click ‘De-Register’.

o Enter the reason for de-registration and specify the date from which you require to de-register. Provide other relevant information to support your application for deregistration where applicable, and click on the Submit button.

o De-registration applications require the FTA’s approval – FTA will notify you of the result of your application.

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